July 27, 2011

Plowing Pipe & Wire 072711

The plowing of pipe and wire resumed after a short delay and great progress is being made. For those of you who have not seen this part of the system installation take place, this video briefly demonstrates the operation. This took place on #12 tee which is now complete and operational.

Also, we have begun adding pond fill valves at each of the ponds on the course. This will allow the pond level to be controlled allowing for better management and protection of the fish populations. They also serve as drains should be have to empty the system of water to complete a repair.

July 20, 2011

Earth Ground Resistance Test

Simmons Irrigation recently came out and did a ground resistance test for several ICSD sites. The system specifications call for a maximum allowable reading of 450OHMS to provide adequate and effective lightning protection for the ICMs. All sites were within the maximum allowable reading and should provide adequate protection. The average OHMS reading was 9 OHMS.

July 11, 2011

"In" and "Out" Greens Heads

We are installing in and out irrigation heads on each green. The reason for in and out heads is that the greens may require a different amount of water than the approaches and surrounds. We can now water the greens without over watering the approaches or vice versa.

July 5, 2011

AS Altum Visit 062311

A.S. Altum and Associates

10311 Towne Road

Carmel, Indiana  46032

(317) 876-3520 Phone
(317) 876-3521 Fax

Home Office


REP:  Tony Altum                            

PROJECT: Brays Island

STAKING VISIT NO: 2                               DATE(S): June 23, 2011

INSTALLATION PROGRESS: Installation on the main line is totally complete with the  two main street bores also completed and the system is pressurized and holding well. The system was being flushed for debris while I was there.

STAKING: Holes #11, 12 and 13 were staked and gps’d and reviewed by Jeff from the club. There were an additional 14 sprinklers added in rough areas that were not a part of the original plan as well as some deviation in the staking in the field. Jeff should review the sprinklers that may be in question and hold off on installing them till the end of the project as it is easy to go back and add a sprinkler off the IC system. This will keep the project on track as far as budget is concerned.  As each hole is laid out and GPS’d, as stakes are attached to this report and once installed, IC codes will be provided to Altum for final programming. The hydraulic tree is constructed by Altum office and is ready for quick turn around via the internet for operation from the central and all programming options.



ESTIMATED INSTALLATION PROGRESS: Main line and bores complete by June 20th. Holes #14, 15 and 16 should be complete by the week of July 11th.

NEXT SITE VISIT: Week of July 4th  or 11th to stake next 6 holes.